HOMES goes non-profit!
HOMES Goes Non-Profit!

We took the training wheels off! HOMES has received 501 c (3) status from the IRS and is no longer working with a fiscal sponsorship. We wish to thank The Rose Foundation for serving as our fiscal sponsor for the past several years. They offered us much wisdom and guidance. We also wish to thank the attorneys who have generously assisted HOMES pro bono. Checks to HOMES may now be made out to HOMES (no Rose Foundation). Our address remains 816 Grand Street, Alameda, CA 94501.

Report: WRT/Solomon Presentation to Alameda Point Task Force

Alameda Point is a jewel of a site. The WRT/Solomon Station Study, presented at the Planning Board's May 5th meeting points the way to polishing that jewel to create a world class and sustainable community at Alameda Point. The Study finds that innovative new public transit will provide the needed polish to achieve that goal.

public transit The Study compares development alternatives to identify which will do the most to promote effective use of public transit to facilitate movement through the City. The City was granted $225,000 by the Metropolitan Transit Commission to analyze ways to achieve the most successful transportation planning to guide the development at Alameda Point. Unlike many suburban studies that consider residential and commercial developments separately, WRT/Solomon, a nationwide urban planning firm carefully considered detailed interactions between housing and commerce.

The findings of the study reinforce HOMES' belief that a full range of housing is needed in order to build a thriving community. WRT/Solomon concluded that a development with mixed types of housing, higher densities near transit hubs, and a compendium of offices and R & D will provide the most flexibility in transportation and residential options. This type of plan will allow for a varied-sized residential community, including many large lot single family homes, which currently cannot be achieved because of Measure A restrictions.

Many people ask, "Why develop Alameda Point at all? Let the birds and nature enjoy it!" Remember, if we don't provide for development, the Navy will. Doing nothing will allow the Navy to open the 1700 acres to other developers for auction; instead of achieving an integrated, thoughtful plan with our Master Developer working closely with the community and the City, this will most probably result in several different developers building as little as they can for as much profit as they can get, with no requirement to involve the community, as the Master Developer is mandated to do (and have been doing).

HOMES would endorse a plan for Alameda Point that gives the most flexibility in designing the development, the best ways to adaptively reuse as many of the existing buildings as feasible and economical, to provide enough density, especially near transit modes, to make public transportation a realistic alternative to paying ever higher gas prices, to support convenience and retail stores, and to provide a wide range of jobs where employees can live and work. We CAN accomplish this, making Alameda Point an exciting, economically viable, green, neighborhood community.

There are so many factors impacting Alameda Point's future. The Developer must address and overcome a myriad of physical constraints, at the same time, devising a plan that will--and should--provide a profit and be economically feasible.

As caring citizens, let's make sure that Alameda's future remains in our control, and not the Navy's. This will happen if we support the types of recommendations presented in the Station Study. The best way for us to retain control over the development of one-third of our Island is to support a master development at Alameda Point that complies with the recommendations in the Station Study. Such control assures us that Alameda Point will be an environmentally and economically sustainable community, benefiting us all.

HOMES is a grassroots citizenís group dedicated to promoting responsible development at Alameda Point. In this era of global warming, rising fuel prices, growing traffic congestion and ever-increasing housing prices, we are advocating for Alamedaís newest neighborhood to support sustainable growth that provides homes and jobs and addresses traffic issues for all Alamedans.

Support Education and Public Discussion of Alameda Point Development

HOMESí needs your support for efforts to educate the community about the issues and opportunities surrounding redevelopment at Alameda Point. HOMES is solely funded by community contributions. Please send your donation to:

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