HOMES Newsletter: August, 2005


Welcome to the HOMES e-newsletter!  HOMES is a grassroots citizen’s group dedicated to preserving Alameda’s values and traditions at the Alameda Point redevelopment site.  We believe that by offering a variety of homes in lively, mixed-use neighborhoods, Alameda Point will preserve the historic feel, cultural richness and economic vitality that make Alameda such a wonderful place to live.


August 2005


  1. July 14th Presentation of Preliminary Design Concepts for Alameda Point ARRA Meeting
  2. Partnerships Form Around Alameda Point Redevelopment
  3. HOMES Notes
  4. Historical Perspective – Mixed-Use Neighborhoods - A  Thing of the Past!


July 14th ARRA Meeting

The Preliminary Development Concept (PDC) was presented to the City Council on July 14th.  Both Measure A compliant and non-compliant plans were presented.  Numerous speakers requested that the non-compliant Measure A work be fully developed and moved forward for consideration in the process for Alameda Point development.  The Council seemed inclined to listen to public opinion and expressed the need for more information.  However, it appeared that no changes will be made before the Environmental Impact Report is done.  This would mean that Phase I with its 1300+ houses would be primarily evaluated and the non-compliant plan would not be as fully examined. 


Phase I is scheduled to start construction in 2007 which means the EIR and entitlement documents need to be completed in the next 18 months.  In order for a non-compliant plan to be considered, Alameda citizens must show a determination to have a plan approved by Alameda residents which permits development of condos, apartments and other housing choices..  If Alameda residents do not make this determination, by exempting Alameda Point from Measure A, then the existing Measure A compliant plan will proceed and Alameda residents will not have much of a say in the development of Alameda Point.


Partnerships Form Around Alameda Point Redevelopment

HOMES is spearheading a group of partners who will work together to ensure that the residents of Alameda have the opportunity to determine what kind of development they want at Alameda Point.  This partnership now includes transportation, ministerial, housing, educational and civic groups.  The goal of the group is to include a broad spectrum of organizations that have the best interest of Alameda at heart work together in a united effort to ensure that the citizens of Alameda have a say in what happens at Alameda Point.  If the citizens don’t have an opportunity to decide, then a Measure A compliant development plan will be automatically in force, even if this plan does not meet the requirements set forth by Alameda residents in the 1996 Reuse Plan developed by the community or more recently stated in the community planning process.


A Measure A compliant plan means that no townhomes, condos or apartments can be built at Alameda Point.  Only the wealthiest of Alameda residents will be able to afford to live there.  It also means that these large homes will be built on tiny lots with very limited open space.  It makes it unlikely that the neighborhood will support retail and public transit as do the neighborhoods in “old” Alameda.


The time for action is now before it becomes too late.  Alameda residents have said they want to see a vibrant neighborhood available for all of us at Alameda Point.  We need to work together convince the City to join us in realizing this vision.



HOMES continues its educational efforts around Alameda by speaking to local groups and meeting with community leaders.  It’s important to us that we help as many people as possible become familiar with the opportunities to make Alameda Point a vibrant new neighborhood with good public transit, useable open space and housing choices for all incomes.  Please help us in these efforts with a tax-deductible contribution to HOMES, 816 Grand St., Alameda, CA  94501.


Historical Perspective

Mixed-use neighborhoods are indeed a thing of the past!  For photos of historic mixed-use and multi-unit buildings, please visit our photo gallery at






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