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  1. Meeting Reports:
    • July 13th Planning Board Ad Hoc Committee
    • July 18th ARRA Meeting
    • WRT/Solomon Community Meeting
  2. HOMES Website Update

July 13th Planning Board Ad Hoc Committee

This meeting, charged with designing a format for evaluating the impact of Measure A on the housing element, resulted on more contentiousness and little progress.

The purpose of this second meeting was to select speakers for the forum from those proposed by the public. The agreement from the first meeting was the speakers would be chosen by committee consensus. Only if consensus was not reached, would the "sides" each pick their own speakers. From the start, the appellants stated that no consensus could be reached as none of them would agree to names proposed by the "other side." Hence, no progress was made except to harbor more ill will around this issue.

By including three opposed to changing Measure A with the three ad hoc members appointed by the Planning Board, the City Council has forced the Planning Board ad hoc members into the position of defending the necessity of a forum and, therefore, of being perceived by some as supporters of modifying Measure A. What was intended as an objective evaluation of the impacts of Measure A became an "our side" vs. "your side" confrontation.

Result: A report will be submitted to the planning Board and to the Council by the professional facilitator, who was engaged to run the meetings, and by each "side." HOMES urges the City Council to move this process along to a productive conclusion, i.e., an objective forum on the impacts of Measure A, as our citizens have asked.

July 18th ARRA Meeting:


At the July 18th ARRA/CIC/City Council meeting, staff presented a summary of the Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (ENA) proposed between the City of Alameda and SunCal, the Developer. The ENA details the responsibilities of SunCal's performance, documents, property transfers, working with the Navy and federal agencies, financing and reimbursements to the City, milestones to be met, and legal conditions. For example, there are several milestones for submission of information and performance completion, e.g., Master Project Schedule in 30 days, Development Concept in 8 months, finalized Navy Term Sheet in 6 months. The final Development Agreement (DDA) is scheduled for 24 months from now. At that time, it is expected that the Navy will turn over the land to SunCal for development.

There were seven speakers, none opposed to the approval of SunCal as Master Developer. The City had real concerns regarding the guarantee of financing for the project and the controls if SunCal transferred a project or property to a 3rd party. Given past experience, the Council was attempting to ensure that the Developer have the staying power for the entire project. SunCal stated that the financing information requested by the Council is premature; until they were into the plans and real expenses of the work in the field, their financing needs were impossible to determine. SunCal pointed out that they are assuming all of the up- front costs, including a myriad of consultants who have already done due diligence work on the project. They estimate over $10 million costs before ground is even broken. They agreed to certain conditions regarding financial commitments and SunCal's continued control of the project should 3rd parties become involved. These changes will be added to the ENA contract.

After pointing out that the Council feels its responsibility to the community to have the best contract possible to protect the City and its citizens, the Joint Powers voted unanimously to approve SunCal as the Master Developer for Alameda Point. Within 5 days, SunCal will deliver to the City $900,000; added to the initial $100,000 deposit, the total $1,000,000 will be applied to the $108,000,000 purchase price of the land.

WRT/Solomon Community Meeting

The next community meeting on land-use and transportation opportunities, funded by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and facilitated by WRT/Solomon is to take place some time in August. Stay tuned for details and/or check out our website for more information.

HOMES Website Update

If you came in the back door HOMES would like to introduce its new, improved web site! We have added an interactive quiz (with more to come!); new links to web sites, articles and publications; many more photos; and additional in-depth information on what's a stake at Alameda Point and ways you can help make a difference. Check us out!

HOMES is a grassroots citizenís group dedicated to promoting responsible development at Alameda Point. In this era of global warming, rising fuel prices, growing traffic congestion and ever-increasing housing prices, we are advocating for Alamedaís newest neighborhood to support sustainable growth that provides homes and jobs and addresses traffic issues for all Alamedans.

Support Education and Public Discussion of Alameda Point Development

HOMESí needs your support for efforts to educate the community about the issues and opportunities surrounding redevelopment at Alameda Point. HOMES is solely funded by community contributions. Please send your donation to:

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