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  1. Rotary Club Forum - October 2nd
  2. ARRA - October 3rd
  3. Planning Board - October 8th
  4. Alameda Point Strategy Session Meeting - October 10th
  5. SunCal Meeting - October 24th
  6. WRT/Solomon Community Workshop - November 28th
  7. Help Us Make the Point!

Meeting Updates

Rotary Club Forum - October 2nd

The Rotary Club sponsored a short forum on the Alameda Point development and how it is affected by Measure A. Helen Sause premiered a new Power Point developed by HOMES which named the Community Vision for Alameda Point - what that looks like in historic Alameda and what parts of that vision cannot be replicated today at Alameda Point. On the opposing side, Barbara Kerr reiterated concerns from 1973 about the destruction of single family homes, the displeasure about South Shore, and the plans for more housing on Harbor Bay. She also showed random photos of condos from other parts of the Bay Area which have never been part of the discussion for Alameda Point. Unfortunately, there has yet to be a vision presented for Alameda Point by the Keep Measure A advocates, making an open and even-keeled comparison impossible.

ARRA - October 3rd

SunCal reported on their progress to the ARRA.

Planning Board - October 8th

The six Planning Board voted unanimously (Patrick Lynch absent) to proceed with the Measure A forum following a format of expert testimony and public input. Because SunCal is moving forward on a tight schedule, the Board also put a deadline on holding the forum before the end of January 2008 so that it will have some significance for SunCal's planning.

Alameda Point Strategy Session Meeting - October 10th

At the invitation of HOMES, many members of the community representing various viewpoints and interests met to discuss the best way to fulfill the community vision for Alameda Point. Several options were discussed and options are being pursued. Meanwhile, HOMES will continue its education and advocacy work.

Upcoming Meetings

SunCal Meeting - October 24th

SunCal, Alameda Point's Master Developer, will be holding its first in a series of public meetings on October 24th at 6:30 p.m. at the Mastick Senior Center, 1155 Santa Clara Avenue.

WRT/Solomon Community Workshop on Transportation and Land Use

Second community meeting is set for November 28th, 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

This presentation will examine and discuss the relationship between residential density, urban form and character, and transportation. The study is funded by a Station Area Planning Grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).

Help Us Make the Point!

HOMES has developed a 6 - 8 minute Power Point that illustrates the Seven Principles of the Community Vision for Alameda Point, all with photos from today's Alameda. This presentation also illustrates the opportunities available at Alameda Point to replicate the charm and tradition of Alameda and how many of those opportunities are no longer allowed. Many people have only a vague understanding of what Measure A prohibits and this presentation uses photos to aptly illustrate its limitations.

Are you part of a group that would like to learn more about this vital issue? Then please contact us and we'll be happy to make a presentation to your group or organization.

SunCal is moving quickly with their development plans. Let's all be informed and part of the decision-making before it's too late and we wonder why we weren't more involved in the development of a major part of our Island home.

HOMES is a grassroots citizenís group dedicated to promoting responsible development at Alameda Point. In this era of global warming, rising fuel prices, growing traffic congestion and ever-increasing housing prices, we are advocating for Alamedaís newest neighborhood to support sustainable growth that provides homes and jobs and addresses traffic issues for all Alamedans.

Support Education and Public Discussion of Alameda Point Development

HOMESí needs your support for efforts to educate the community about the issues and opportunities surrounding redevelopment at Alameda Point. HOMES is solely funded by community contributions. Please send your donation to:

Rose Foundation/HOMES, 816 Grand St., Alameda, CA 94501

(Rose is our fiscal partner). Donations are tax-deductible.

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